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Pharmaceutical founder cells in the growth process, the conditions found in rural areas, lack of medical care in Taiwan, many residents have nowhere to buy medicine treatment, so only 18 years old, he was more popular will "send kits" this "first use, post-paid "way to introduce the sale of drugs in Changhua, practical solutions to the problems of local residents to seek medical treatment. 1960s, Taiwan's rapid economic development, the founder of this time found a huge market demand for animal drugs in Taiwan. After several years of preparation, and finally create a "cell laboratories" in 1970, began large-scale production of animal drugs. And set up a pet department in 1979, began selling pet products.

As of today, the cell laboratories has had a long history of 44 years, pet supplies sales are up to 35 years!

Established in 1970, now has 40 years of history. Founded early in the production of animal feed and pharmaceuticals based economy. With the rise of the pet industry in Taiwan in 1979 set up a pet pharmacy cell division, and the need to launch the first generation of seasonal Haimix products to fill the gaps in the market, pet health care products in Taiwan. Also Taiwan's first manufacturer of pet nutrition. Accompanied by rising sales, hardware devices are constantly upgraded. 1985 Cell pharmaceutical counseling implemented by the government CMP factory planning, in 1988 by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs to standardize assessment GMP factory, is one of the few of the few pet products GMP factory in Asia.

2009 cell line with the new EU pharmaceutical PIC / S and cGMP norms excellent pharmaceutical companies, and the introduction of a new automated production line. 2011 new plant in Central Taiwan Science Park was completed and became the first animal Keyuan pharmaceutical companies. CGMP standards with new pet products, product line for human consumption levels.Singen Animal Health in Central Taiwan Sicence Park was qualified for GMP certification in 2013. Shanghai Singen Pet Nutrition lndustry Co., Ltd was established for pet food manufacturing and processing.

In the same year set up a cell of animal health research and development center (Singen Animal Health R & D Center) is committed to relying on high-tech force developed to improve the quality of life of the outstanding pet products!

Enterprise labeling 1970 -2011 Enterprise labeling After 2011

Singen Pet Nutrition Industry Co., Ltd., an affiliate enterprise of Singen Animal Health Industry Co., Ltd., is located in Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai and was established in 2014. It is an important step in the global layout of Singen Group. Singen Pet Nutrition Industry Co., Ltd. covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and produces 10,000 tons of pet food each year. The plant is designed under the concept of pharmaceutical GMP, which complies with our four brand concepts, 'Profession, Innovation, Care, and Contribution.' It has 400 square meters of pharmaceutical-grade R&D, quality control and microbiological laboratories. For the production line, we imported a complete set of twin screw extruder and vacuum spraying machine, and we selected stainless steel for all parts in contact with products. We own 200 square meters of fresh meat, fruit and vegetable processing workshop. The whole plant is equipped with automatic dust cleaning, noise cancelling, energy saving and recycling system to provide a safe workplace and protect the environment.

YOSTAR:Established in 1989, responsible for product marketing and development work treasure in the Asia Pacific region. Including sales and marketing in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India and other regions. You Da committed to the dissemination of Taiwan's leading pet care knowledge to work to promote the development of an efficient marketing treasure become the first brand of pet care products.

SIGIN:Back in 1998 Haimix products enter the mainland, won the pet owners are welcome. In 2002, the establishment of Taiwan's You Da Co., Ltd. Shanghai office. 2007, in order to better serve consumers established Haiyou Trading Co., Ltd., a full-time development and import and export of precious product promotion.

We sincerely hope that our customers around the world to establish business contacts!