Opening ceremony of Singen Pet Nutrition Industry Co., Ltd. was held on 18 July, 2014.


Singen Pet Nutrition Industry Co., Ltd. covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and produces 10,000 tons of pet food each year. The plant is designed under the concept of pharmaceutical GMP, which complies with our four brand concepts, 'Profession, Innovation, Care, and Contribution.' It has 400 square meters of pharmaceutical-grade R&D, quality control and microbiological laboratories. For the production line, we imported a complete set of twin screw extruder and vacuum spraying machine, and we selected stainless steel for all parts in contact with products. We own 200 square meters of fresh meat, fruit and vegetable processing workshop. The whole plant is equipped with automatic dust cleaning, noise cancelling, energy saving and recycling system to provide a safe workplace and protect the environment.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Andy Shih, president of Singen Ggroup led the crew into the hall and gave warm welcome and sincere thanks to all levels of leadershipofficers, industry guests and all agents of the country who joined this activity. President Shih said, the opening of the Singen Pet Nutrition Industry company demonstrated that Singen gGroups have has the great strength of scientific research and excellent manufacturing capabilities. From the hardware improvement to the update of software services, we have been studied a effective ways to promote pet health and delay pet aging of pets for 45 years through the strength of science and technology. Singen Ggroups will use the excellent quality of the products to improve the welfare of the pets based on the excellent quality of our products. Mr. Andy shih, the president of the Singen group Groupin Taiwan, andMr. George Shih, the general manager of Singen Group Mr. George Shih, and many guests—among them Mr. Mou-lin Shih, the minister of the Ministry of Justice in Taiwan, and Dr. Jia-fa Hou, president of Association of Veterinary Surgery CAAV, Dr. De–gui Lin, president of Association of Small Animal Medicine CAAV and Dr. Chen Dao Jie, CEO of National Veterinary Hospital in Taiwan, Mr. Jian-ping Zhang, president of Shanghai Small Animal Veterinary Association and Dr. Xiao-yun Lai, president of Jiangsu Small Animal Veterinary Association, Mr. Wei-zhong Guo, president of Shanghai Pet Trade Association—attended the ceremony, and conducted the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the inaugurattion.


President Andy Shih subsequently joined the tree planting ceremony with all the guests. As the great Chinese old saying goes “It takes ten years to grow trees , but a hundred years to rear people.” Singen Animal Health Industry Co.,LTD. will still uphold the enterprise spirit ”professional, innovation, care, contribution,,” and keeping ambitions,  understanding the truth to take potential. Being self-cultivation and accumulating energy, haveing commitment to excellence. To, establish a century brand and be a century enterprise.